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Exit Re-Entry Visa

 Exit Re-entry


1-     Two recent photographs (4 cm x 6 cm) no more than a month old

 2-     Visa application filled in its entirety and signed

 3-     The visa slip ( if available)

 4-     The copy of the IQAMA of the applicant

 5-     The copy of the IQAMA of the sponsor

 6-     New print Iqama for payment proof and expiry date (www.abshir.com)

 7-     Electronic Exit & Reentry visa

 8-     The old passport of the applicant ( if exit stamp is on the old passport)

 9-     An introduction letter for the applicant, if a student, letter from the institution proving it stamped from the registrar’s office ( grades printed from the student’s account is not official proof of enrollment), and a letter from the parents in Saudi Arabia saying they would like to extend his or her exit- reentry.

 10-   if the applicant is  working in Saudi Arabia ( letter from his work in Saudi Arabia saying there is no problem to extend his visa)

 11-  A flight reservation going from and back to Canada ( tentative reservation not bought flight)

 12-  The notification paper signed by applicant, which we will check through the signature of the passport

 13-  Copy of the applicant passport ( all passports must be signed)

 Original passport




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لبيك اللهم لبيك