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HAJJ EXPRESS 2020 **5 STARS No Aziziah

DU 20 juillet JUSQU'AU 05 AOÛT



  • All women under 45 years old need to certify their marriage certificate and children under 18 years old need to certify their birth certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and notarize their document by a notary. We can do it for you by charging $170 to notarize and certify document from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ottawa.
  • Departure-Return date and time are tentative (subject to change)
  • According to Saudi Government new regulations. Starting from 2016, an additional 2000 Saudi Riyal will be applicable to everyone going to hajj or umrah for the second time. People going for the first time starting from 2016 will not have to pay 2000 SAR (around 775 CAD).
  • Permanent Residents should photocopy both sides of PR card and stamp photocopy from a notary and from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • All original passports and documents must be delivered maximum 15th of Ramadan for the visa to be processed.
  • FICAV (O.P.C) 0.10% Consumer Protection).

Services Included

  • 5 Days meals (Mina & Arafat)
  • Air conditioned tents in Mina & Arafat.
    Accommodations in Mina and Arafah in air-conditioned tents. Snacks & beverages will be served.
  • Air-conditioned busses.
    Transportation will be in air-conditioned busses.
  • Arrival and Departure for all Hajj passengers will be From Hajj Terminal at Jeddah airport
  • Courier Fees
    Covers all fees paid to the courier including sending your passports to the Saudi Consulate and collect them back.
  • Medina First
  • Saudi bank draft (MOTAWIF)
  • Visa Processing Fees
  • Breakfast & Dinner (Open Buffet)
  • Visa Processing Fees
    Covers the fees to apply for a visa at the Saudi umrah provider

Optional Services Available

  • $1,000 / Per Person Vancouver Calgary Edmo $1000.00 extra per person for flight connection


Quad Room   $14,100 / person
Triple Room   $15,099 / person
Double Room   $17,099 / person