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HAJJ EXPRESS 2020 *5 STARS Madinah No Aziziah

FROM 20th JULY TO 05th AUGUST 2020



  • Departure-Return date and time are tentative (subject to change)
  • Permanent Residents should photocopy both sides of PR card and stamp photocopy from a notary and from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • All original passports and documents must be delivered maximum 15th of Ramadan for the visa to be processed.

Services Included

  • 5 Days meals (Mina & Arafat)
  • Air conditioned tents in Mina & Arafat.
    Accommodations in Mina and Arafah in air-conditioned tents. Snacks & beverages will be served.
  • Air-conditioned busses.
    Transportation will be in air-conditioned busses.
  • Arrival and Departure for all Hajj passengers will be From Hajj Terminal at Jeddah airport
  • Courier Fees
    Covers all fees paid to the courier including sending your passports to the Saudi Consulate and collect them back.
  • Medina First
  • Saudi bank draft (MOTAWIF)
  • Visa Processing Fees
  • Breakfast & Dinner (Open Buffet)
  • Visa Processing Fees
    Covers the fees to apply for a visa at the Saudi umrah provider

Optional Services Available

  • $800 / Per Person Vancouver Calgary Edmo $800.00 extra per person for flight connection


  $14,200 / person
  $15,600 / person
  $17,200 / person