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Residency Visas

Residency :

1-     Two recent photographs (4 cm x 6 cm) no more than a month old

 2-     Visa application filled in its entirety and signed

 3-     The visa slip (Istiqdam)

 4-     The IQAMA copy of the person requesting the applicant

 5-    Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate from outside Canada should be translated to Arabic and stamped from Canadian Foreign Affairs. If you have a document in a language hard to find Arabic translator, translate it to English than Arabic. If done in Canada, Notary and Canadian foreign affairs stamps.

 6-     The medical report for all applicants starting the age of 16 years old      ( the requirements as in the employment visa)

 7-     Medical report filled and signed with a form to be downloaded from the embassy's website

 8-     Medical reports must be stamped from the relevant medical authority in the region where the test was taken and from Physician College.


  9-     Police clearance from the relevant police authority

 10-  A flight reservation going from and back to Canada ( tentative reservation not bought flight)

 11-  The notification paper signed by applicant, which we will check through the signature of the passport

 12-  Copy of the applicant passport ( all passports must be signed)

 Original passport



Downloadable Forms

Visa Application Form

Medical Report (If Required)

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